Top 7 Contagious Skin Diseases in Adults

Top 7 Contagious Skin Diseases in Adults

Oct 12
Top 7 Contagious Skin Diseases in Adults

Burning, itching, tingling or painful are the common signs of skin diseases. While skin is the largest organ of the body, it’s easy to give lots of diseases to people. Especially, adults may experience at least one type of skin infections in their lifetime. Apart from their weakened immune systems, skin contact with an infected person will bring high dangers to them. They can give or can be spread skin diseases without purpose. That’s why skin illnesses are highly contagious. It’s important for you to understand some contagious skin diseases to protect yourself.

1. Yeast infection

The infection occurs both men and women. But women contract it more than men. A yeast infection is caused by an overgrowth of the Candida fungus. Normally, your body will exist this fungus in the body. But when it develops fast, it will build the infection. Women may develop a rash around vulva if getting yeast infection. Otherwise, men may be inflamed on the head of the penis.

As a skin disease, yeast infection may be spread through sexual contact. Even though it’s not a sexual transmitted disease (STD), sexual activity will spread the fungus. Moreover, people who haven’t sex also have risks to get it if their genital areas are too moist. To cure a yeast infection, your doctor may recommend antifungal creams or drugs.

2. Ringworm

Ringworm is the popular fungal infection. Even though its name is ringworm, it’s not caused by worms. In fact, it’s caused by Tinea Corporis- one type of fungi. You can pick up it easily. The infection can be transmitted from fungus on feet in a locker room. Also, you may be spread when sharing clothing, towels, or shoes with an infected person. Thus, all skin contacts also give you dangers to contract the skin diseases. Besides, living in warm and humid weather is the cause of ringworm. As you know, fungi love living in moist and wet environment. So, living in wet weather may develop your risks of getting ringworm.

Dryness, itch and rashes are the most common signs of the infection. It usually begins as a red, scaly area of the skin. After that, ring-shaped can be occurred on the skin go with outer border. They look like eczema or psoriasis. To cure it, you can take antifungal medicines or use creams. Fugacil is an antifungal cream that is used to treat fungal infections. Apart from ringworm, this cream can treat toenail fungus, athlete’s foot, jocks itch or yeast infection. Fugacil works by penetrating in deep skin layers and killing fungi. So, your infection will be healed fast and outbreaks are difficult to occur.

3. Shingles

Shingles is seen the common skin disease in adults. It’s caused by the varicella-zoster and very common in adult. People who haven’t gotten chicken pox vaccine may get the disease. It’s because the virus caused shingles is the same virus that causes chicken-pox. After the chicken-pox infection is passed, the virus stays dormant in nerves before reviving as shingles. So, contacting with an infected person may give you dangers to get the infection.

The disease begins with burning, tingling and itching. After that, rashes with painful blisters can appear in many parts of your body. But it usually occurs on the abdomen, chest and buttocks. An outbreak can last within 2 weeks.

To cure shingles, you should use creams, take antiviral drugs or steroid. You can recover your disorder, but pain and itch can last several months or years. Thus, it’s important for you to treat it early that prevents residual pain.

4. Cold sores

Cold sore (oral herpes) is caused the herpes simplex virus (HSV). It’s also the highly contagious skin diseased in adults. You can contract it easily because of skin contact. All contacts like kissing, touching blisters of infected person or sharing utensils will give the virus. Cold sores also make you uncomfortable and difficult in eating.

Besides, the infection also develops outbreaks frequently. If you want to relieve recurrences, you need to avoid triggers. Poor nutrition, sharing personal items and stress may be triggers of an outbreak. To cure cold sores, you can apply some essential oils like tea tree oil, olive oil or lemon balm. Doctors may recommend some antiviral medicines or creams to cure your infection.

5. Genital herpes

A large number of people in the US are getting genital herpes. It’s an STD, so all sexual contacts without protection will bring to high dangers of catching it. Anal, vaginal and oral sex will spread the virus. Most adult people who usually have sex get genital herpes because of skin contact during unprotected sex.  Unluckily, lots of people have the virus never know they have it due to invisible symptoms. They just know their diseases until their partners are infected.

Also, once contracting the HSV, it will live in your body forever. This virus stays dormant and becomes outbreaks when meeting triggers. You may develop outbreaks 4 or many times within a year. To cure it, you should take antiviral medicines and apply creams. ProsurX will kill HSV in the deep skin layers and prevent outbreaks. So, all infections caused by this virus such as cold sores or genital herpes will be cured fast.

6. Genital warts

Like genital herpes, genital warts are also an STD. Most adult people get the infection through skin contact during sex. It’s caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). The disease may lead to cancers if you contract high risk HPV. The most common signs of the infection are itching, burning and painful. Warts look like cauliflower may appear after that.

There are many ways to treat genital warts. You can take medications, apply creams or use home remedies. If you want to relax and treat the disease at the same time, VidaroX is a great tool for you. Your task is to apply this cream to infected areas. Then, take a rest. VidaroX will show difference fast and effectively. In some cases, if warts are so stubborn, laser therapies may help you remove them.

7. Scabies

Scabies can affect both adults and children. It’s caused by a tiny mite that enters your skin and lays eggs. You may grow itching and rashes which look like pimples. The skin disease can be passed through skin contact. This mite may travel from the infected person to another one. Also, you pick up mites from personal items like bedding, furniture and clothes.

All people may contract scabies even though people are very clean and neat. But the good news is that you can be diagnosed and treated scabies successfully. With today’s technology, the disease need only short time to cure.

Skin diseases are easy to be spread, especially in adults. Their immune functions aren’t as strong as the immune system of the young. Thus, once viruses attack through skin, they can’t fight them well. So, people need to keep good personal and places hygiene to prevent skin diseases. Also, try to boost the immune function and have healthily sexual life.



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