The Color of Your Nails Could Say About Health

The Color of Your Nails Could Say About Health

Jul 26
The Color of Your Nails Could Say About Health

Many experts have said toenail or fingernail abnormalities can reveal about health a lot. In particular, they could be an indicator of an injury or fungal nail infection. But, sometimes they are often a sign of a more serious underlying disease or condition. Therefore, if you realize the condition of your nails early, you can completely save your health.

The following will describe the color of nails and the revealed conditions.

  1. Discolored Nails

Many nails are sometimes discolored or yellow. These are the most common warning signs of psoriasis or fungal nail infection.

Anyone can get chances for a fungal nail infection. Nowadays, more and more people are suffering from this condition, especially in the summer days. According to a survey, one in ten people experience the condition.

However, older people are more at risk of a fungal nail infection. It is because of a weaker immune system. Besides, the symptoms of the menopause is another risk factor of getting a fungal nail infection.

Dina Gohil, a famous podiatrist in Britain said: “Nail fungus isn’t caused by menopause. But it can involve in other problems linked to menopause.”

“A moist and damp environment can develop nail fungus. Thus, menopausal women suffering from hyperhidrosis can get higher risk of the condition. In fact, those people often sweat a lot on feet and hands.”

“The brittle nails may also indicate nail traumas. This condition can cause discomfort. If your nails are not strong, fungal nails can easily set in.”

Discolored nails could be an indicator of lymphedema. It is a long- lasting condition causing the skin’s swelling and other permanent damage related to jaundice, tuberculosis, sinusitis and bronchiectasis.

  1. Green or black nails

Green or black nails sometimes occurs among humans. Experts believe this condition could be a result of pseudomonas growth. This type of bacteria mainly survives under loos nails.

NHS Choices said: “The condition can be treated by applying an antiseptic solution, vinegar or antibiotic eye drops.”

  1. Grey nails

Grey nails commonly affect the color of your nails. This condition is caused by medications. In particular, antimalarial substances used for treating and preventing malaria can lead to the condition.

  1. Brown nails

Brown nails can result from thyroid disease. The disease affects the function of an organ in the neck (known as of the thyroid gland). However, brown nails can be a result of nail varnish, malnutrition and pregnancy.

  1. Red or yellow nails

Many people suffer discolored nails look like a drop of oil under the nail. They also experience the nails with the color of salmon. NHS Choices said that those signs could point to psoriasis of the nails.

  1. Half white and half brown nails

This sign mainly occurs in your fingers. In particular, if your fingernails are half white and half brown (often brown near the tips), you may suffer a health problem related to kidney failure.

Experts believed the sign could be a result of chemical changes in the blood. In fact, this change could stimulate a skin pigment to be given to the nail bed.

People with AIDS or are undergoing chemotherapy may also experience half white and half brown nails.


  1. White nails

White nails can be a common sign of a fungal nail infection or lack of blood moving to the nail bed.

The condition might cause Terry’s nails. This could be an indicator of diabetes, anemia, malnutrition, kidney, heart or liver failure and liver cirrhosis.

If you suffer these signs of nail colors, you should go to see a pharmacist or doctor for diagnosis. Then, he or she may prescribe some medications to deal with your condition. Most cases of nail conditions involve in fungal nail infection which is really annoying and embarrassing. However, fungal nail infection can be treated easily by antifungal medicines or creams. You can apply Fugacil on the infected nails 3 times a day. And, you will observe the results quite soon. Most people use Fugacil for their nail fungus because this product can both kill fungi and prevent the reoccurrence of infections with the power of nano medicine.

Besides, a good hygiene habits can be responsible for the condition of your nails. So, you should get these below preventative tips to protect your nails from fungi.

–           Avoid walking barefoot in the public places, swimming pool or around the house.

–           Keep hands and feet dry and clean.

–           Do not share personal items with others (towels, shoes, socks).

–           Keep your nails short.

–           Wash your socks and shoes frequently.

–           Avoid nail injuries.

–           Keep off your nails from chemicals. Some toxic chemicals are in nail polish or artificial nails.

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