How To Use Black Seed Oil On Your Skin?

How To Use Black Seed Oil On Your Skin?

Aug 26
How To Use Black Seed Oil On Your Skin?

The human skin is the largest part of our body. It has a lot of responsibilities. In fact, the skin plays an important role in covering and protecting us from different environment danger elements. Besides, the skin is a sensitive organ that easily gets contaminated and develops diseases. The most common skin conditions are acne, fungus, itching, rashes, blisters, herpes and warts. Moreover, the health issues affecting your skin can cause stress and relationship problems. Also, it harms yourself- confidence. Therefore, you must learn how to protect your skin. And, black seed is one of the best solutions to deal with these problems. The article will describe how to use black seed on your skin.

Black Seed Oil in Nigeria

Black seed is commonly found in southwest Asia Nigella Sativa, North Africa and South Europe. It is also realized with many different names, for example:

  • Onion seed
  • Black cumin
  • Black sesame
  • Black caraway
  • Roman coriander

Black seed includes various beneficial elements. These are

  • Vitamins.
  • Minerals.
  • Super Foods.
  • Amino Acids.
  • Omega 6 Acids.
  • Omega 3 Acids.

For many centuries, black seed oil has been known for the enormous benefits. In ancient Egypt, women believed that black seed oil could protect skin, nails and hair from the sun. Thus, they always had a bottle of black seed oil for themselves.

Benefits of Black Seed Oil

It has been proven that black seed oil is a rich source of various exclusive cure properties. The beneficial properties are:

  • Anti-fungal.
  • Antiviral.
  • Anti-cancer.
  • Anti-oxidant.
  • Anticoagulant.
  • Anti-histamine.
  • Anti-asthmatic.
  • Anti-inflammatory

Moreover, black seed oil can effectively treat some non- skin diseases. For example,

  • Reduce allergies.
  • Kill infections.
  • Cure a toothache.
  • Prevent Diabetes.
  • Treat Asthma.
  • Treat Indigestion.
  • Improve heart health.
  • Illuminates insomnia.
  • Increase fertility rates.
  • Increase your hair health.
  • Prevents and reduce spasms.
  • Reduce fever and flu symptoms.

Black Seed Oil for Skin

Black seed oil offers a number of benefits for skin health. Many experts advise to mix the oil with some honey. And then, apply on the affected skin. In fact, just apply it on the infected area of your skin. And, you will observe how well black seed oil works. The following are 10 benefits of black seed oil for the skin.

  1. Eczema treatment

Eczema is one of the common skin conditions in children. The condition usually leaves red, dry, scaly and itchy patches on the skin. These patches often appear on the face, cheeks, forehead and scalp.

Black seed oil can provide excellent nutrient components that can remove the red patches on your skin. Also, it helps feed and keep your skin healthy.

  1. Psoriasis treatment

Psoriasis is a skin condition that cause cells to rapidly build up on the surface of the skin. When you get psoriasis, you often notice pink plaques on your body. These plaques may cause itching and sometimes pain. The affected skin can be very ugly.  So, the condition will embarrass you if anyone sees these pink signs.

However, you can use the oil to fight the problem. Just apply black seed oil daily, and you will see the results soon.

  1. Acne treatment

Most people suffer from acne during their puberty. Even men and women at any age can suffer through it. Acne commonly occurs when there are oil glands at the base of hair follicles. As a result, it leads to pimples and spots on the face, chest, neck, back, shoulders and upper arms.

Acne is not a serious dermatology, but it loses human’s self- confidence. Many people let acne run its course. But, you can try to apply black seeds to treat your acne. And, don’t forget to consult a dermatologist first.

  1. Burns treatment

Because of the anti-inflammatory properties, black seed oil can help to treat burns on your skin. In fact, it can regenerate the epidermis of skin. However, the efficiency of the treatment depends on the level of burns. Studies have shown that it is safe to apply black seed oil only on second-degree burns or less.

  1. Fungal Treatment

Skin fungal infections are caused by dermatophytes. These can make some changes on the skin and cause inflammation. But, black seed oil can offer benefits due to its anti-fungal elements. In fact, black seed oil can help to treat many fungal infections, like nail infections, jock itch, athlete’s foot and ringworm.

To get rid of fungal infections fast and effectively, you are also recommended to use Fugacil. It is one of the best home remedies that can kill fungus and prevent the recurrence. Most people apply Fugacil and observe the best results after 3 days.

  1. Ringworm treatment

Ringworm often occurs with a red, flaky, itchy, circular rash. The condition can also be spread through skin- to- skin contact or touching contaminated items.

However, it can be easily treated with black seed oil. Just apply the oil several times per day. After a few weeks, you will get desired results. Moreover, you can apply Fugacil 3 times daily to get rid of ringworm fast.

  1. Bruises treatment

A bruise happens when you bump into something. In fact, it occurs when there is a damage on your skin and in blood cells. Due to the anti-inflammatory property of black seed oil, you can easily clear bruises.

  1. Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea strikes mostly women. It often occurs with redness on the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin, and even ears, chest and back. More than redness, the condition can cause flushing and swelling in eyes or eyelids. You can apply black seed oil on your face to reduce Rosacea effects.

  1. Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a great problem for humans. In fact, too much sun can be responsible for this. Sunlight contains UV lights that can definitely damage your skin and increase your chances of getting cancer.

Black seeds have been proven to fight against cancer. So, you can apply it on the affected skin. Besides, you should follow prescriptions of your doctor for better treatment.

  1. Skin Complexion

Black Seed Oil is considered as a great beauty product to restore your skin. It is really a powerful oil that can improve skin health. So, you can apply the oil and see the effects in just a few days.

Black seed oil offers many benefits in medicines. Sometimes, unpleasant cases happened because of the misusage or wrong dosage of the oil. But, there is no evidence of its side- effects. So, you should consult your doctor before using the oil.

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