How to Treat Ringworm Scars

How to Treat Ringworm Scars

Jan 05
How to Treat Ringworm Scars

As a fungal infection, ringworm shows red circular patches on your skin. It’s a contagious infection, so you can get it from pets or other infected people. The infection also occurs in many parts of the body from head to foot. It’s very itchy and makes you scratch. But, when scratched, the infection gets worse and results to scarring. This isn’t thing you want after a battle with the fungal infection. If you have ringworm scars, there’re some tips may help to treat them.

Using home remedies

Treatments are necessary for a disease or infection. It’s especially for fungal the infection as ringworm can kill your skin and make you unconfident. Lots of treatments can help you. Let’s consider and choose suitable treatments for you.

1. Use aloe vera gel

Aloe vera doesn’t only have surprising health benefits, but it also works for ringworm scars. So, massaging with aloe vera will soften the tissue. This also improves your scars. To treat them, you should apply a small amount of this gel on them and leave it on. You can also do it several times a day.

2. Try lemon juice

Lemon juice helps to lessen ugly areas of the scars. You also know that this juice contains more vitamin C that’s a great property for healing wound. So, it will help to reduce the form of a scars when you apply. To use lemon juice, you should use a cotton wipe, steep it in the juice. Then, apply it to the scar directly. Allow the juice dried out, and wash it with warm water. Also, you also do the process once each day.

Use lemon juice to treat ringworm scars

Use lemon juice to treat ringworm scars

3. Apply St John’s wort oil

This oil can be used to heal wound, so you can use it to treat ring worm scars. Mix castor oil with St John’s wort oil; then, apply the mixture to scars. You may use a finger to massage the oil into the wound and repeat it 2-3 times daily.

4. Hold green tea bags

Due to antioxidant properties, green tea works well with ringworm scars. You can use it to reduce scars and discoloration. To treat scar with green tea bag, you steep a green tea bag in bowl water. Then, remove it from the hot water and press the keep the bag out of water. Next, apply it to scars and hold the tea bag for 15 minutes. Try to repeat this treatment 2-4 times each day.

To reduce ringworm scars, you can hold tea bags on them

To reduce ringworm scars, you can hold tea bags on them

Using medical cures

1. Exfoliation

The treatment works effectively for mild scars. You can use a mixture of baking soda and water, ground coffee and lemon juice to remove scars. In case you don’t want to use home remedies, you also buy OTC exfoliation kits.

2. Laser treatment

The treatment is often successful with ringworm scars. However, you may suffer some stages before you see changes in your scars. Laser treatments tend to damage small pieces of tissues to encourage the development of new skin. New tissue skin will replace the scars. In general, you may bear several pains before seeing beautiful skin by using laser treatment.

Laser treatment helps to remove ringworm scars

Laser treatment helps to remove ringworm scars

3. Skin planning with a dermatologist

A dermatologist will remove gentle scars by using microdermabrasion. This way will help remove scars in outer layer. Unlike dermabrasion for deep scars, microdermabrasion will be gentler. Some drugstores or beauty stores suggest reasonable price microdermabrasion kits. However, you should make sure that you know the way to use them. So, meeting a dermatologist is safer.

4. Dermabrasion can be used in serious cases

This process should be performed by a dermatologist. He/ she uses a rotating, sanding instrument to remove outer skin layers. This helps reduce ringworm scars. But, you may suffer redness and swelling for 2-3 weeks after treatment. You shouldn’t worry as your skin will be fresher and healthier after that.

Using supplements

Though supplements won’t treat warts completely, you can take them to boost your health and avoid scars from further recurrences.

1. Take B-complex vitamin supplement

Vitamin B1 and B5 are effective for healing wound. So, taking a B-complex vitamins may also heal the appearance of ringworm scars. Besides, B-complex vitamins boost your heath and reduce the flare ups of ringworm. But, to make sure, you should ask your doctor before taking it.

Take B-complex vitamin to boost your health and heal scars

Take B-complex vitamin to boost your health and heal scars

2. Take vitamin C supplement

Vitamin C is important for wound healing, so the supplement also supports healing of scars. Doses from 500-3,000mg have been used for adults. But, check with your doctor for sure before taking it.

3. Add a bromelain supplement

Bromelain is essential to against scars. It’s an enzyme that occurs naturally in pineapples. A common doses is about 500mg with 4 times per day. Maybe you should ask doctor before taking it. In case you have allergies to pineapple, you shouldn’t take it.

Itching, swelling and scratching of ringworm will leave scars on your skin. No one wants to have this. But, if you may have scars unluckily, you can treat it with above tips. To prevent scars, you need to seek treatments for ringworm as soon as possible. When the infection begins to start, you can apply Fugacil. It’s an antifungal cream approved by FDA. The cream will kill the fungus and prevent flare ups effectively.




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