Home Remedies For Jock Itch

Home Remedies For Jock Itch

Aug 15
Home Remedies For Jock Itch

Many people are suffering from jock itch, a common type of skin fungal infections. In fact, jock itch is a form of ringworm that occurs in the groin area. The condition can affect both genders, but mostly found in men. Although jock itch does not pose any health threats to humans, it affects the skin of the inner thighs, groin, and buttocks. This is really embarrassing and irritating. Moreover, the condition can be contagious through skin- to- skin contact. In particular, jock itch can spread inward areas of thighs and other genital parts. The condition could be serious in obese sufferers or those whose body sweats a lot. In some cases, jock itch may develop complications. Fortunately, jock itch can be treated easily by anti-fungal creams or home remedies.

General information

Other types of skin fungal infections commonly cause damage in hair, skin and nails. However, jock itch is a little bit different and more serious. It is medically known as tinea cruris which is caused by the fungus trichophyton rubrum. When there is an overgrowth of this fungus, jock itch can develop and do harms in genital area.

Jock itch commonly occurs with a ringworm in the groin area. The ringworm can be red, peeling or have bumps on the edges that look like blisters. Moreover, the condition usually begins with the following symptoms:

  • Reddening of skin or abnormally light of dark skin
  • Itchiness or skin burning sensation
  • Skin cracks and peelings
  • A red- brown rash on skin folds, groin, buttocks and inner thighs
  • Blisters and skin infections

People can check the condition by eyes. To make sure, you should go for a medical checkup. Test for jock itch can be performed by microscope. Also, laboratory tests for blood sugar level or Wood’s lamp can recognize the condition.

Useful home remedies for jock itch

The constant redness, itchiness and burning sensation of jock itch tend to strongly affect to human activities. However, home remedies can relieve the symptoms. In the stubborn case, you should see a doctor for medications if your condition still continues after treatment. In general, however, jock itch responds well to the following home remedies.

  1. Use of Ginger or Garlic Cloves

Garlic and Ginger are proved to be the best home remedies when they come to the treatment of jock itch. Both of them are in the good book of the ingredients with antifungal properties. In particular, Garlic contains Allicin which can help inhibit the growth of the fungus trichophyton rubrum. So, it can relieve the pain and itching of jock itch. Ginger can also clear fungi on the skin.

You can increase the amount of Garlic cloves or Ginger in your diet. Besides, you can apply Garlic paste or Ginger on the affected area. Keep it half an hour. Then, wash it out. Remember that both Garlic and Ginger are strongly burning to sensitive skin. Thus, you should be careful when using them to treat jock itch.

Moreover, the mixture of honey and ginger juice applied on the infected skin will bring a relief to the person having jock itch.

  1. A dietary change

If you suffer the discomfort of jock itch, it is smarter to consider a basic meal plans comprising good proteins and green vegetables. Seeds and nuts, meat and poultry, eggs and yogurt should also be taken to prevent the infections from worsening.

Some foods can provide the medium for the rapid growth of fungi. For example, alcohols, junk or highly processed foods, soft drinks, deep fried snacks, brown and refined sugar. So, you should expel them out from the eating routine.

  1. The Magic of Tea Tree Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar

Because of antifungal properties, Tea Tree Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar are known to treat jock itch and cause no side effects. In fact, Apple Cider Vinegar contains natural acids and probiotics that can control skin infections and fight against fungi. And, Tea Tree Oil includes cleansing substances that give an amazing antibacterial quality.

To treat jock itch, you should do the following steps:

  • Wash the infected area with a good antifungal soap.
  • Get it dried.
  • Using a cotton swab to apply Apple Cider Vinegar or Tea Tree Oil to the affected skin twice to three times a day for a week.

  1. Use of Lemon and Sea Salt

Lemon and salt are two of the most well- known treatments for jock itch. In fact, sea/ Epsom salt has an ability of sterilizing and stopping the growth of fungi. So, you can pour a generous amount of salt into a tub of warm water. Then, let your body soak in this tub for half an hour. Do this 3- 4 times a week for the best result.

To Lemon, you can also:

  • Squeeze a few Lemons to get 30ml of juice.
  • Add 30ml of juice to the quarter cup of water.
  • Apply on the infected area.

  1. Antifungal creams

Using antifungal creams is a helpful and convenient tip in handling jock itch.

You can dilute Boric acid with water. Then, apply it on skin.

Moreover, many pharmacists recommend Fugacil to treat jock itch. You can apply Fugacil on the affected area 3 times a day. And, you will observe the best result after less than 7 days of use.

Jock itch is not serious, and you can treat it easily by home remedies. Besides, it is necessary to take some preventative steps:

  • Take care of personal hygiene.
  • Keep genital areas clean and dry.
  • Avoid tight fitting clothes.
  • Wear soft cotton or likewise fabric.
  • Do not share personal items with other people.

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