Fungal Infections on Face- What Do You Know About Them?

Fungal Infections on Face- What Do You Know About Them?

Mar 23
Fungal Infections on Face- What Do You Know About Them?

While the first impression is really important, a person’s face is what people look at first. Moreover, a good- looking face sometimes brings more benefits than another. If you experience a facial skin condition, it’s obviously troublesome. In fact, people in all ages may have at least one skin condition at some point in their lifetime. Fungal infections are common skin problems you may suffer. They can occur any part of the body, but they’re really annoying when occurring on the face. In addition, fungal infections on face happen in lots of ways, and treatments are also different. Thus, to prevent and treat them, you should understand what causes infection on your face.

What causes fungal infections on face?

A group of fungi is the main reason of fungal infections. When they develop out of control, a fungal infection occurs that affects the skin and mucous membranes. But what can lead to an overgrowth of fungi, let’s take a look at the following causes.

1. Weak immune system

Weakened immune system is one of the causes of fungal infections on face. Instead of protecting the body out of harmful substances, the weakened immune system can’t fight against them. This causes different health problems, including fungal infections on face. Poor diet, stress, medications, unhealthy lifestyle are related to weak immune system.

2. Improper diet

A large amount of junk food, processed sugar and alcohol are harmful to your body. They don’t possess essential nutrients and make the body restore lots of unwanted materials. With the body’s heat, they decompose develop a perfect home for micro- organism like fungi or bacteria. That’s why people who often have improper diet tend to increase skin conditions.

people who often have improper diet tend to increase skin conditions

People who often have improper diet tend to increase skin conditions

3. Intestinal issues

You maybe wonder how intestinal issues have effect on the face. In fact, they’re related. When the toxins aren’t defecated, they accumulate in the intense and remove through the body. Finally, they reach the skin including the face. Thus, your face tends to suffer lots of different conditions.

4. Human emotions

Your emotions play an important role of triggering the infections. When you’re stressed or under pressure, the absorption of nutrients and blood flow are low. This results in the skin are more likely to contract the infections. Besides, stress triggers lots of diseases such as depression, lupus, herpes, diabetes or arthritis.

5. Poor personal hygiene

It’s obviously the common cause of fungal infections on the skin. You continuously contact with tons of dirt and fungal spores in the air. If you don’t observe facial hygiene, you’re more prone to have skin problem such as acne, facial yeast or ringworm.

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Fungal infections on face can be to blame for poor personal hygiene

Fungal infections on face can be to blame for poor personal hygiene

Some common fungal infections on face

1. Ringworm

Facial ringworm may be spread through direct contact with an infected person, animals or objects. The infection can occur many part of the face in all people. However, it’s more common in humid and warm climate, or adults at the age 20- 40s. You should notice the following signs of facial ringworm:

  • Facial skin becomes dark
  • Fissures appear
  • The skin begins to peel
  • Red rashes occur
  • Scaly patches start to develop
  • Hair loss and itchy scalp appear

2. Facial Candida

Facial Candida also known as yeast infection on the face. When Candida develops out of control, it can show symptoms on the face. You may be infected with it by sharing towels with an infected person. Sometimes, excessive sweating on the face and poor facial hygiene are the causes. Here’re symptoms proved you have facial Candida:

  • The appearance of red or white rashes
  • Itching, burning sensations
  • The infection may have a yellow or white spot on rashes

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Facial Candida also known as yeast infection on the face

Facial Candida also known as yeast infection on the face

3. Tinea Versicolor

Lots of people get tinea versicolor, especially people live in tropical and subtropical areas. Due to moist and humid area, fungi have great condition to develop. Though the infection isn’t harmful, it has effect on appearance. If you experience the following symptoms, you may get tinea versicolor

  • Loss of skin color
  • White, pink, red or brown spots
  • Itching sensation
  • Darkening of the skin

Treatment and prevention for fungal infection on face

Though most fungal infections aren’t dangerous, it’s important to seek treatments to avoid complications. In addition, finding ways to avoid the infections on the face is necessary.

1. Antifungal creams

The best treatment for a fungal infection is antifungal treatment. Fugacil is one of the best antifungal creams for fungal infections. The cream kills the fungus both on the surface and in lower skin layers. Thus, it rapidly kills fungus and prevents it from spreading as well as future outbreaks. If you want a healthy skin, you must treat the fungal infection first.

2. Fruit and whole grains

 Healthy skin is a result of clean and healthy blood. A glass of warm water with honey and lemon will cleanse your system. Then, you can enjoy breakfast with a bowl of brown rice and oatmeal. That helps purify the gut’s blood. You should add more food such as berries, oranges, papaya and kiwi for cleansing the skin. These foods are also beneficial in curing fungal infections.

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These foods are effective in curing fungal infections

These foods are effective in curing fungal infections

3. Yogurt

This is an excellent home remedy to treat a fungal infection. As yogurt contains lots of healthy bacteria, it helps to kill and prevent the growth of the fungus. So, eating yogurt daily is one of the best ways to deal with the infections.

4. Garlic

Garlic is famous home remedy for many infections. It’s rich in antifungal and antibacterial properties that help to fight against fungal infections. Try to consume a little fresh garlic with warm water daily. It’ll bring amazing results.

5. Good personal hygiene

Poor personal hygiene causes infections on your face and other parts of the body. It’s important to keep your body clean. Don’t touch your hands on your face as this spreads bacteria and viruses, causing infections fast.

Fungal infections on the face aren’t life- threatening, but they can prevent you from confidence in many instances. Thus, you should keep your face out of skin infections, preventions is always better than cure.

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