Foods to Avoid When You Have Jock Itch

Foods to Avoid When You Have Jock Itch

Jun 29
Foods to Avoid When You Have Jock Itch

Like other kinds of fungal infections, jock itch is caused by fungi. It commonly grows on or in the top layer of skin and doesn’t pose any health threat to human. Yet, jock itch affects to the skin of human genitals and groins, which is very embarrassing and irritating. Many people lose their self- confidence and have a fear of jock itch. Even so, they can have a beneficial diet with healthy foods to reduce the risk of jock itch. A good diet also helps remove this condition since jock itch is just a form of fungal infections.

Jock itch basics

There are many harmful fungi presenting everywhere in our environment. When they attack to our skin by contact and exposure, they overgrowth and cause itchiness. That is the same way jock itch does harms to human. Many people called jock itch “ringworm”, but it is not a really normal worm. It appears as a rash with patches that may be red or peeling or that have bumps on the edges that look like blisters.

While other kinds of fungal infections occur in hair, skin or nails, jock itch grows best in moist, warm areas of the body. For example, the inner thighs, the groin, and buttocks. Thus, using public showers and locker rooms can increase your chances of getting jock itch. Specially, this condition will spread to other areas of skin by skin- to- skin contact, damp towels, and wet floors. As its name, jock itch is commonly found in people who sweat a lot like athletes or those who are overweight. According to Bruce Robinson, an instructor at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, overweight people often have problems with skin rubbing against skin or clothing and getting irritated. Especially, they typically have more deep folds of skin where moisture and heat can build up. Moreover, a research showed that men are more likely than women to get jock itch since they have more folds of skin in their groins than women.

Identify jock itch

– Itchiness

– Red ringworm

– Skin cracks and peelings

– Blisters and skin infections

– A red- brown rash is on skin folds, groin, buttocks and inner thighs.

Jock itch symptoms are varied, but mainly itchy, so you should go for a test if you are suffering those symptoms. Nowadays, tests may be performed by microscope, laboratory tests for blood sugar level or Wood’s lamp. So, you can get a diagnosis quickly.

How to deal with jock itch?

Despite being uncomfortable and annoying, jock itch usually is not serious and life- threatening. Many doctors advise that it can be treated easily by creams for the treatment of jock itch. In particular, Fugacil is the market- leading medical products for nanomedicine anti- fungal treatment. It can be applied for jock itch, ringworms and fungus by killing fungus on the skin’s surface. Fugacil also eliminates chances of recurrent and fungal infection.

Besides, keeping your groin area clean and dry is important to limit the risk of getting jock itch or fungus growth. To prevent jock itch, you should keep your body clean and healthy. For example, wash your workout clothes, underwear, socks, and towels after each use. Wear shower shoes when you are in the public bathrooms. And avoid sharing personal items.

Finally, a diet with healthy foods always plays an important role in dealing with jock itch. So, when you are trying to treat jock itch or prevent it, remember to have a beneficial diet with nuts and seeds, meat and poultry, eggs, vegetables, live yogurt culture, especially garlic. They are all antifungal and helps to limit fungus growth or even deplete it. Besides, you should avoid these below foods to keep the growth of fungi down and the infection from worsening.

Five foods to avoid when you have jock itch

  1. Chocolates and sweets

Chocolates and sweets contain too much sugar. Thus, they can promote the growth of yeast including “friendly bacteria” and fungus. The higher sugar amount is in your body or your blood, the more bacteria grows. As a result, harmful bacteria will attack some parts of the body for food and weaken the immune systems, which makes people easily catch fungus.

  1. Fried foods and processed foods like pizzas, hamburgers

Those food are fast- foods which contain fat, yeast and provide lots of energy. That is why people eating too much those foods can easily be obese and get more risks of getting jock itch.

  1. Wheat and mushrooms

There are much gluten in wheat which can rapidly boost the fungus growth and cause intestine infections. It is also one kind of fungi, yet, it works and does harms in human intestine system. Besides, wheat can give lots of energy and increase sugar amounts in blood. So, it can be harmful to health and causes many diseases including diabetes. Mushrooms can be called refined carbohydrates helping fungi multiply. So, it should be limited. In short, wheat and mushrooms can increase the rate of getting fungal infections.

  1. Seafood

Many people are allergic to seafood. And if you get jock itch, avoid eating seafood because it can make your sores more itchy and annoying.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol drinks should be omitted from your diet because it involves in sugar that the fungi can feed on. It also slows down the healing process of jock itch and makes your itchiness last longer.

Jock itch affects directly to human body and lose their self- confidence. It worries people a lot. Nowadays, but, you can use medical treatment to deal with it as well as have a healthy lifestyle to protect yourself from jock itch. Specially, whether your condition is better or worse depends on what you give to your body. A good diet is always a right solution for all health problems. Thus, you should have knowledge about jock itch and know some tips to prevent and deal with it. Because some certain foods in your meals may increase your risk of getting and developing jock itch.


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