5 Foods to Prevent a Yeast Infection

5 Foods to Prevent a Yeast Infection

Sep 29
5 Foods to Prevent a Yeast Infection

Every woman will contract one types of vaginal infections at some point of their lives. They’re easy to get vaginal health problems. It may be because their vaginas are usually wet and moist. This creates good condition for fungi, bacteria or germs develop. Especially, women tend to develop yeast infections. In fact, at least 3 in every 4 women will experience a yeast infection in their lives. Even though it’s not a sexually transmitted disease, women are easy to get it after having sex. But other ones who haven’t sex also contract the infection.

A yeast infection is caused by Candida- one type of fungi. Normally, your vaginal will exist healthy and harmful bacteria or fungi in a balance. Healthy fungi will protect your vaginal against harmful ones. But when harmful fungi develop out of control, your vaginal infection will occur. There are lots of causes that lead to your yeast infection. But the most common factors are unhealthy lifestyle, poor personal hygiene and diet. Fungi like living in moist and wet environment. So these factors will develop moisture in your vagina and lead to the infection.

Once contracting a yeast infection, you may feel burning and itching. It causes more discomfort in your vagina. If you leave the infection without treatments, it can affect your reproductive organs. Thus, it’s important for you to find out treatments to cure the infection. Foods also help remove it. Here are some foods that you should eat.

1. Papaya

Papaya is seen one of the best foods to cure your yeast infection. The seeds and leaves of papaya are effective in preventing your infection. They can kill fungi and bacteria fast, so you can eat them to work against your vaginal problems and other fungal infections. Besides, papaya is rich in vitamin C that can boost your immune system. This is also beneficial in improving your digestive system. In addition, papaya helps your brain, livers and heart better. It tastes really good. You can add papaya with salad or other vegetables to enjoy.

2. Oregano

Oregano is effective in curing fungal infections. If you’re suffering from yeast infection signs, you should eat raw oregano or use its oil to treat. The components in oregano work by killing fungal organism that causes your yeast infection in most cases. You can apply oregano oil in your vagina. Or you can eat raw oregano in daily meals. It doesn’t only treat your infection but also prevents your body from getting it in the future.

3. Coriander

Coriander isn’t strange when being an excellent treatment for yeast infection. Coriander seeds are rich in iron, fiber, copper and magnesium. These will keep your yeast infection out of the body. It also helps prevent future fungal infections. You can apply coriander oil to fight it.  Or you may add fresh or dried coriander to your foods. They will help treat your infection effectively.

4. Garlic

Garlic is integral treatment for yeast infection. It contains lots of innate properties. So it helps control bacterial, fungal, worm and vaginal yeast infection. A fresh garlic can kill the infection effectively. Besides, raw garlic is important in preventing food poisoning by fighting E.coli bacteria. Thus, it’s important for you to add garlic in your diet.

5. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is famous for curing many diseases and infections. It has powerful properties that can kill most harmful fungi and bacteria. The coconut oil is made from fresh coconut, so it has lots of benefits. The antioxidants, vitamins and mineral in it help fight Candida well. It also boosts your immune system to prevent other fungal infections. Thus, your infection will be cleared up and can’t come back again. You can add coconut oil in cooking meals.

There are lots of treatments can help relieve your yeast infection. You still cure it without drugs. But antiviral creams are beneficial for you. You only apply it on your vagina. And then, taking a rest to see results. In some of useful antiviral creams, Fugacil has been used and recommended by lots of people. This cream is made from tea tree, lavender, thyme astragalus, Melissa officianalis and geranium. They are antiviral ingredients, so it’s safe and has no side effects like many drugs. In general, Fugacil is really effective in killing fungi and preventing its outbreaks.

Besides, you still delete your infection with healthy lifestyle and good personal hygiene. Unhealthy lifestyle may destroy pH balance in your body, especially in the vagina. Once pH imbalance occurs, harmful bacteria or fungi will develop out of control. This leads to your vaginal infections easily. Poor personal hygiene likes that, it grows moisture in the vagina that creates good condition for overgrowth of fungi. They love living in moist and wet area, so your unclean vagina will be a good place for them. That’s why you need to practice good personal hygiene and change your lifestyle to prevent a yeast infection. Besides, you shouldn’t wear tight clothing. It’s because your vagina can’t breathe and will produce sweat that fungi really love.

The infection is too common and easy to be infected. You need to keep your body clean to prevent fungal infections. If you’re getting yeast infection, it’s necessary for you to cure it immediately. Based on above beneficial foods and tips, I hope that you can clear your infection fast and prevent future outbreaks.


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